Tuesday, 19 September 2017

In the Light of the Candle

I lit the candle,
I lit the candle,
And, oh, I did not know what I was going to handle,

In the light of the candle, guess what I saw,
Eyes shining like black pearls, that's what I saw,

In the light of the candle I saw a mare,
And it said to me "Patience is a quality that is becoming rare,"

It turned away,
And walked far away,

Leaving me standing there,
In the light of the candle.


Monday, 18 September 2017

A Dove

The Dove

A dove
A dove there
A dove here
And a dove behind you.

A dove
A dove that goes coo roo
A dove that goes roo coo
A dove that is noisy.

A dove
A dove that lingers in a street
A dove that stays to again meet.
A dove that stays to witness the winter.

A dove
A dove that says "Hello Fie"
A dove that says "Good Bye"
A dove that is always there.

Snow Comes, Smow Melts Poem

Snow covered the ground like a velvet sheet,
As soft as cotton and as cold as frozen meat,

Falling down without a sound,
Snowflakes drop to the ground,

Its a very nice sight,
As the land turns fluffy and white,

But soon the sun came from behind the clouds,
And the snow just becomes water flowing under the ground.

Sometimes you hope the sun is not there,
As the snow melts everywhere.


Saturday, 16 September 2017

Spring is a coming

The first daffodils bloom,
The sky looks welcome not gloom,

The birds begin to sing again,
And the farmer gets more from the hen,

The sun is now making its way up high,
You don't have to look out the window and sigh,

The mist fades,
And the as for the birds, in the water they wade,

Spring is a coming,
The garden is a humming,

The flowers are back,
The  sun is back and
Spring is a coming!



Her ears were laid back; she was sprinting,
Her nose was quivering; ahead was a thing that was glinting.

She raced faster and faster and faster and faster,
Her prey was running with all the strength it could master.

In three seconds she made her speed lower,
She could hear a lawnmower.

Except that there wasn’t any in her land,
She had lost her prey just because of a car band.

But all the same she posed; with a cheetah smile,
Showing her teeth, then running off a mile,

The End

Dawn - Noon - Dinner

At the crack of dawn
It was dawn when the owl went to sleep,
It was dawn when the birds found a pearl to keep.
It was dawn yesterday, and it is dawn now.
At dawn it is time to milk the cow.

When it is dawn the rooster has to crow,
When it is dawn the birds have to wake up.
When it is dawn you need to wake up too,
At the crack of dawn!

Noon time
As it is noon you need to make your lunch,
The big cats have antelopes or hares to munch,
The animals eat each other or grass.
The heron eats a fish mass.

Dinner time
Yum, yum what’s for dinner?
A juicy prawn or stewed potato?
Or a carcass of antelope winner?
Or just normal dough?

The End


The Fox

He stalks through the corn,
Suppressing a yawn.

Its early dawn,
When he leaves the corn.

Cunning, Brave, Moody,
So Many names to describe Mr Foxy,

As he returns to his bed in the woods.

The end


The pearl

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It was a light blue sky that the pearl saw,
With birds jumping all around with a caw caw.

And a coo coo
And roo rooo roo 

That's the Laughing Dove,
Hidden in The Cove.

Mooo Moooo Moo,
The cow and a cuckoo.

The pearl saw everything,
From Chinese shop Le Ming

To the sky's birds
and a book's words.

The End

The Keen Eyed Warrior: Falcon Poem

Keen eyed warrior dressed to kill,
Armed with talons and deadly skill,

Yellow eyed hunter,
Never a runner,

Flying through the sky,
She spots her prey so spry,

A hare with long hair,
Our sharp-eyed falcon is a deadly nightmare,

She swoops to make the kill,
And she eats her fill,

She is the Queen of the skies,
Off the warrior flies.


Friday, 8 September 2017

Oh the.... poem

Oh the birds chirping in the meadows,
Oh the cats hiding in the shadows,
Oh the dogs chasing the squirrels,
Oh the rabbits going into their burrows

Oh the foxes hunting mice,
Oh the butterflies looking nice,
Oh the ants looking for food,
Oh the bees in a good mood,

Oh the fish swimming in the sea,
Oh the flies buzzing around me,
Oh the cows in the country,
Oh the owls in the tree,

Oh how I like thee!


Light and Dark

When it is dark it is light When it is light it is dark As light is for day when it is night It would be dark. In the ...